This is a picture from Adelines first birthday photoshoot. My friend from work took the photos and I was truly surprised at how amazing they turned out! I had no idea how talented my friend was. He gave us a really good deal too soo win/win for us:) I am so thankful that he took the time to shoot for us. It was such a fun day.

I prepared for her photo shoot about 4 months in advanced. LOL. literally….. I wanted to do a few different scenes. We ended up doing a cupcake smash (publix), bubbles (publix), balloons (publix), & I had a rocking chair prop (home), and a little wicker basket (home) that we used for a table.


The whole point of us getting her photos done was to have them as keepsakes, yes. But I wanted them on her 1st Birthday Invitations. (which my friend did as well.) & They looked fabulous! We are so blessed to have stumbled upon someone so talented! I also wanted the photos hanging on twine in mini paper clips at the party. Which I ended up doing.. But it rained for two hours during her outside birthday party, I had to take them down.

I will share more about her actually Birthday Party on a different post.

Thanks for reading:)